09 February 2009

The School for Scandal

Looks like newly ensconced RNC chair Michael Steele is having his own Daschle moment (although in fairness to Steele the scale is not nearly as large as Daschle's own malfeasance), what with his disgraced former finance chairman from his 2006 campaign accusing Steele of directing campaign funds to his sister's company. In a "he said, he said" story, Steele's former finance guru, now a convicted felon, claims the sister's company didn't do any work for the money it received; Steele claims it was proper reimbursement.

Just proving how pathetically unethical the entire Republican Party is, Steele's major claim to fame is being part of former Maryland governor Robert Ehrlich's administration, specifically as Lieutenant Governor. That's the administration that was essentially a Bush Administration on a state level -- purging state agencies of qualified career adminstrators who didn't have the "right politics," spying on the constituency, giving away protected land to developers, etc.

And since I brought him up at the beginning, let's talk about Daschle. Proving how pathetically unethical the entire Democratic Party is, Daschle calls into question the entire appropriateness of someone who has no sense of day to day responsibilities to be in charge of the Department of Health and Human Services. It's pretty much a good bet that none of the constituency that department serves would be well-acquainted with the proper tax line item to declare your car service or driver as a taxable benefit.

Daschle is a textbook example of the type of people Obama doesn't need in his administration.

02 February 2009

Adding insult to injury.

Wait a minute. Michael Phelps set an Olympic record for number of medals by a single athlete AND he's toking up? No apologies necessary, bro.

OK, aside from the obvious apologize for your lost sponsorship dollars, I'm thinking how in the hell do you do all that in the pool and still drag that unfiltered weed down your lungs?

The other swimmers are probably really rethinking their training regimen right about now. I mean, you can't exactly call marijuana performance enhancing, can you?