10 April 2007

Spotted at a busy intersection.

Yesterday morning I was going to work and I happened upon one of the worst stenches I've smelled outside of a rotting deer corpse. I looked around for a garbage truck, but saw none. So I kept walking.

Then it hit me again, stronger. I looked again for a garbage truck and again I saw none. Then I saw it:

Yes, that's a port-o-john sitting on its side with a stream of urine, feces, and other debris streaming out of its lid. Out of its f-ing lid, my friends. Right at the intersection of 18th and Florida NW.

By the time I went past it coming home from work, someone had straightened it out a bit and cleaned up the major residue, but the broken crapper was still sitting there, and I'm willing to bet it didn't smell so nice then either (I was fortunately in a vehicle at that point).

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Momentary Academic said...

Ugh! We had something like that at a construction site on 14th st.