03 June 2007

Plan your summer evenings accordingly.

The Fort Reno schedule is up. If you've never been to Fort Reno, you need to get there. It's an entirely laid back scene appropriate for all ages, from little babies on up. Dogs, too. Many people choose to make a picnic dinner of it, spread out a blanket, and enjoy the evening.

You can, too.


Momentary Academic said...

You have to see the fivefour show. I know all of the girls and the guy in the band. What a great summer!

Reya Mellicker said...

You said it before I could, M.A. And do you think Cuff knows why he has to see fivefour?

Thursday, July 5? Yes!

cuff said...

Please don't tell me you're in five-four, MA, because that is one date I will almost surely be missing: my brother's getting married that weekend and I'll most likely already be up in PA.

Momentary Academic said...

Oh, no. I'm not in fivefour, I just know all of the girls. Don't worry!