13 December 2007

Another one bites the dust.

Another of my regular reads has taken the internet superhighway over the cliff. Fictional Rockstar has joined the ranks of Rock Creek Rambler, Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page, Washington Cube, and others. And one of the very first blogs I ever read in my entire life, which has ceased to exist to such an extent that the actual blog site is no longer, Kentucky Fried Adventures.

It's all very disturbing.

Look, even if you no longer have anything to say, or maybe feel like you have nothing else to say, just keep saying it. Look at me, I'm a living example of someone who's run out of ideas.


Grad School Reject said...

Maybe if we work together and apply peer pressure to some of these people we can at least guilt them back for an occasional post.

cuff said...

GSR, as you know those on my list in real life as well as in unreal life, I think it is up to you to bring them back, either by you and all your friends shunning them or through witholding alcohol.