16 January 2008

When being sick is no fun.

Well, the whole damn family is sick now. Yesterday I was so sick I didn't have the energy to play with my new toy, pictured below:

Seriously, I was wrapped in three layers and lying under a blanket all day, with my hoodie up over my head. This little Zoom G-1X is pretty amazing. A friend of mine had the first generation Zoom back in the late 80's, and I've pretty much wanted one ever since, though my guitar playing has taken a backseat since the birth of the children. But I got one for Christmas, and have had a few chances to play with it.

Basically, it's a bundle of guitar effects wrapped up in one package, and the pedal is a multifunction device depending on the settings: it can control the general volume, the effect mix, etc. Oh my it sounds good.


Foilwoman said...

Clearly, you play an electric guitar, not a folk or classical guitar. I've played guitar for over 30 years, and I have no idea what that thing is.

cuff said...

I have played acoustic and electric poorly for 17 years, and before that bass guitar which I'm somewhat better at. I'm pretty good at holding down chords and turning up the distortion.

m.a. said...

Just to be a girl about this for a sec:

OMG! I love this!


I envy you. This is awesome. Time to rock--well, after you get better.