15 February 2008

Feeling the love Friday.

Today I was playing ball with a bunch of undergrads. They were all talking about their upcoming intramural fraternity league games and which fraternity was "a bunch of bitches" and famous people who were members of their fraternity, etc.

I was immediately transported back about twenty years.

I remember at Penn State, the intramural officials wisely separated the fraternity games from the rest of the league, mainly so the humans didn't have to interact with frat members.


m.a. said...

Oh dear. I guess that system will never die.

Grad School Reject said...

Did I ever tell you I was part of a group that started a fraternity in almost the exact fashion of Revenge of the Nerds and went on to win the "Greek Week" and have a higher g.p.a. than the Honor's group? True story.

Though rumor has it that about 5 years post my graduation they degenerated into a bunch of cookie cutter frat guys.

cuff said...

MA: so long as it's useful for maintaining class, race, and gender stratification (not to mention religious/ethnic), the system will go on.

GSR: Like the Log Cabin Republicans, you tried to work within the system, but the system ended up working you (or at least those who came after you)...