19 April 2009

Michael Hayden: War Criminal.

So when's someone going to waterboard Michael Hayden?

This a-hole should be shut up in a prison (a real one, not one of his special secret black prisons) for human rights abuses. He most certainly should not be given platforms on national cable channels to spout his evil.


Anonymous said...

The guys at GITMO are not there for skipping class. They vow to killus all so if you think making nice is going to do the job you are out of you liberal mind!!!!!!!

Rev_Sacrilege said...

Right... that's why thousands of them have been released back out into the world.

Check your facts, idiot.

Anonymous said...

Ol' Mike Haydn. Unfortunately, not the composer, brother of Franz Josef, but the Brave New World information gatherer who made your privacy vanish. This guy is the latest in the orchestrated right-wing attack on Obama. Cheney et al are working like, um, attack dogs, to sully Barack's name and administration. Sadly, Haydn and company are the ones doing the damage, and are the ultimate in hypocrisy...the unpatriots of the right, claiming to be patriots. Sad, if it weren't so dangerous.

Jena said...

What Obama did was extremely wrong whether one morally and legally agrees to the techniques used or not. Think about it from the CIA agent's perspective. During his service when he performed those techniques they were legal. That is very important.

Obama outlawed waterboarding when he came into office. By publishing the memos now he's politicizing the national security for short term popularity gains at the expense of long term national security risks.

How abut a current CIA agent who might be reluctant to perform currently legal interrogation techniques (or anything else required of their jobs) for fears that a future president might out that? Has Obama thought of that?

And you guys said he was smart...

Anonymous said...

They're pissed off cause we want their oil. We provoked them, they got mad. You would do the same. You think you can take shit from people and expect them not to retaliate? Then you want to torture them. Let's torture people we steal from. That will make them happy.

People don't get mad at the US for no good reason. The US fucked around in the middle east, and now they act like they didn't do shit. Own up, sit down, shut up, and quit fucking around with other countries.

At least, the US is on the right track right now.

cs said...

Wow, I must have ended up on someone's roundup.

Jena: a war crime is a war crime. War criminals don't get off because it was "legal" to commit war crimes according to their rogue leader's ideology. Otherwise, there'd be no prosecuting anyone for war crimes, from Charles Taylor to Rudolf Hess.