13 September 2009

Do you take one cube or two on your planet?

Well, if the teabaggers have made anything clear, it's that they're not only confused on the whole idea of what communism or socialism (oh, and yes, Virginia, they are different) might be, but they're as a group motivated by racism.

I'm not going to circulate the image popular among the "concerned" citizens whose dinky-by-DC-standards 30K rally was described as "massive" by CNN. Suffice it to say you only have to do an image search for Obama and a witch doctor to get at the heart of the teabagger movement.

Let's take a quick look at teabagger rhetoric:
  1. Use of Nazi symbols, check.
  2. Use of Communist symbols, check.
  3. Understanding that fascism and communism are two opposing ideologies, um not so clear. Apparently teabaggers don't actually know anything about either system except that the symbols are scary.
  4. Use of racist imagery (usually in combination with either a swastika or hammer and sickle), check.
It doesn't take Roland Barthes to figure out the mythology behind the teabaggers, and I take solace in realizing that their reliance on unreconstructed racist tropes signals a residual system, a force still present but in serious decline and inevitably doomed. They function on fear and ignorance, and not always as mere manipulators of those qualities: many of their leaders seem quite earnest about their ignorance, actually believing, among other things, that telling students to stay in school is a socialist plot.

Some of the traveling charlatan teabaggers also seem to think that they speak for the armed services. In some really creepy and disgusting pronouncements reminiscent of Walter Sobchak's schtick in The Big Lebowski about "not watching his buddies die face down in the mud," a teabagger speaker pukes out this strained bit of hyperbole to her clueless audience:
"The men and women in our military didn't fight and die for this country for a communist in the White House," asserts Deborah Johns.
No, technically, they haven't fought and died for any particular party or ideology to be in the White House; they've presumably fought and died for democracy, a concept Johns has trouble understanding. However, when you're so hopelessly out of touch with reality that you think Obama is a communist, there's really little point in anyone trying to bring you back to earth.

You've slipped the orbit and are now lost in space.


m.a. said...

And they can't spell. Their signs are terrible and reinforce that they know very little about anything.

cs said...

There was a great one on Daily Kos on which the writer had expressed something to the effect that they were thankful Fox News was keeping them "infromed."

But shame on us...insisting that correct spelling is important or a sign of education is simply elitist [unless the wingnuts are critiquing the "whole language" education practices...then correct spelling is the only sign of intelligence and has nothing at all to do with elitism].