05 January 2010

An overview of the past year.

2009 was not a stellar blogging year for me. Only one month did I manage double-digit posts, and two months I didn't post at all.

Here's the thing: I rarely missed it.

Sure, every now and then I would feel bad that I was neglecting the blog, but the main problem is that I've been out of touch with the District for too long.

It's not the so-called blogging community with their meet-ups and flame wars (I only met another blogger once, and that was by chance) that I've lost touch with, but the feel of place. My blog was mainly political, and much of that national, so it wasn't really a strict DC-living blog, but that's where the energy came from.

I'm not exactly shutting down the blog, at least officially. I might keep writing.

Who knows. There's so much disappointment everywhere.


Lonnie Bruner said...

Come on, keep writing. I always like your analysis and passion about politics.

suicide_blond said...

love...im still in dc..but ... the blog "sense of space" isnt the same here either... ah...we sound like old people ..the good 'ole days...
all that said...some of us still really enjoy your stuff!

ma said...

Write when and if you feel like it. The blonde is correct. The vibe has dissipated.

cs said...

Thanks for all encouragement. I'll see what I can do to keep on keeping on.