21 June 2010


After four goals, you'd think they'd pull back, but then you realize that this team contains Christiano Ronaldo, asshole par excellence. That attitude is apparently catching.

So we're winding down to ten minutes to go, you are shutting out the hapless North Koreans, and it would be 7 or 8 to zero if not for a few near misses, so you pull back, maybe kick it around midfield to kill time, right? No. You continue to pour it on, displaying your classlessness like a college football team from the state of Florida.

In fact, during stoppage time, with a 7-0 lead, Ronaldo was getting pissed off because his teammates were taking their time getting the ball upfield.

As the rout continued, I found myself feeling sorry for the North Korean team, since their nation's unstable leader may very well decide to take his embarrassment out on those players. Might be time to defect.


Mr. J said...

Spurrier ain't at Florida anymore; Miami & FSU are both terrible nowadays. Holding a grudge, are we?

(FWIW, I did feel bad for North Korea in this match, but they were appallingly overmatched.)

Steve said...

They kept scoring because if Ivory Coast beats North Korea in the next game, the next tiebreaker will be "goals for." With the game clearly in hand, they knew that "goals for" may actually matter for advancement to the Group of 16 in the World Cup so they kept trying to score. Nothing asshole-y about it.

rob gordon said...

agreed - Ronaldo is a douchebag, but it's hard to feel sorry for North Korea

cs said...

Steve, you really think Ivory Coast will lay that many on any team? I think not. However, you do have a point if you think of Brazil -- a draw v. Brazil would give the two teams the same points, and the goals for would put Portugal on top of the group.

cs said...

Mr J,
I'm not much of a state of Florida fan, but you do have a point -- the behemoths aren't what they were, except for Florida -- which of the three I always liked best anyway, even with Spurrier.