17 January 2011

It's not a resolution, but I'll give it a try.

I've been missing since the start of the fall semester 2010.

Sorry about that.

Or for some of you, sorry about coming back.

You might be curious as to what I've been doing in the intervening five months. Yeah, me too. The short story is that I was taking on too many projects at work and dedicating too much time to my hobbies such as playing guitar and wasting time on the internet.

I've been reading a lot of James Baldwin.

I've been living in exile from DC for over two years now, and it's really getting on my nerves. I am getting sick of pizza and wings and having to drive everywhere. I'm sick of oil furnaces. I'm sick of Confederate flags in this Union state. I'm sick of County governments and school boards that make DC officials look like Honest Abe.

I'm sick of Sarah Palin's bullshit and John Boehner's tan. I'm tired of the Tea Party. I want to believe our society has advanced somewhat in the last fifty years and I don't want to believe that the education system is so utterly broken that Fox News can fuel a mass movement.

I'm ready to scream in my little corner of cyberspace again.

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Washington Cube said...

Welcome back, Mr. Kotter