11 May 2005

What the F*ck is up with Basil this year?

I bought all these herbs a few weeks ago. The Fennel is unstoppable. The Dill grows like, well, like a weed. The sage is looking tidy, and the Rosemary is finally perking up. Even some parsley I picked up on waivers from Home Depot is doing fine. But my favorite, the golden child of the herb patch, the basil is turning goddamn yellow. I had three basil pots. One of them is nearly dead, and every day it gets worse. The other two seem to be in suspended animation, except for the healthy green giving way to the yellowish crayola pea green. I had counted on these plants to supply pesto to the kitchen because damnit there's only so much red sauce you can eat, cream sauces are way too fattening to eat on a regular basis, and butter and parmesan only go so far.

I gotta get some fucking basil.

A few years back I planted the entire back flower bed with basil and it was great, as long as you remembered only to take the upper leaves because of all the rats running around the lower regions. This year I opted for planters so I could keep the basil high and rat free. I've grown basil in pots before, so I'm really curious and not overly happy right now. Christ even my broccoli is growing, so what is going on with that sweet smelling basil?

I microwaved my pizza too long today and burnt the roof of my mouth.

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