28 July 2007

Consider the bicycle...

You can love your bicycle, right? I mean, you can really enjoy sitting on that saddle, pumping the pedals, and feeling the air rush by you as you roll you down the street, isnt' that so?

Of course.

So if you love your bike, and have made a relatively substantial investment in the machine so you don't herniate yourself dragging it up and down stairs, chances are someone else loves your bike, although not for the same reasons you do. Others may admire your bike because it represents a small but significant resale value as stolen merchandise.

So if you love your bike, for the love of all you hold dear, don't trust a cable lock. You will end up like this:

Very sad. I spotted this unhappy remnant of better times Friday as I dropped my daughter off at daycare. It was a fairly thick cable lock, but now it's worse than useless. Invest the extra $90 in a strong U-Lock and avoid when possible leaving your bike outside for extended periods of time, especially on poorly lighted/travelled side streets.


Momentary Academic said...

This is going to be a very naive statement, but I think that it's a shame that we have to use locks at all. People should just respect each other's property.

But I'll get a ulock.

Here's a question, where do I take (a not very good bike) to get a new chain in this area?

Grad School Reject said...

Why do I feel like this picture could be a metaphor for the future (or lack there of) of social security?

Reya Mellicker said...

I learned how to hoist my bike upstairs and back down again. Also I bought a very light bike. Leaving it outside at night is not an option in my neighborhood - if I ever want to see it again.

I use a strong U-lock, and have locks on my wheels, even the seat. For heavens' sake...but it does mean I don't have to replace these things on a regular basis.