09 July 2007

Some careers are more exciting than others...

So I was back in my hometown last weekend for my brother's wedding, and a good time it was. During one of my many errands during those busy few days, I chanced upon this billboard in two separate locations. I took a really crappy picture of it, but I think it's clear enough for the disturbing aspects to come through:

Note that the gentleman who posed for this picture is holding a billyclub or nightstick or control bar or whatever the technical term is that cops use for the club they use. What isn't so evident from the poor photo I took is that the gentleman is also sporting a really cheesy moustache, the sort that some teenagers grow in high school.

So what's the excitement the advertisers allude to? Is it beating drunks over the head? Holding a prisoner up against the wall with your nightstick? Hmm. It may be time to think of Barthes' Mythologies to delve deeper into this mystery.


mysterygirl! said...

I think the excitement comes from having power for the first time in your life after spending the last decade being mocked for your wispy moustache. Who wouldn't take that power in billy club form? I'd call right now, if I were, you know, that guy.

Reya Mellicker said...

You can brutalize anyone under your power, while collecting your paycheck, after which you can drink canned beer.

Oy vey!

I love weddings - glad you had fun.