02 May 2008

Friday roundup from the email mailbag.

First, I want to thank E.J. Dionne for gussying up my brief discussion of the racists Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and turning it into his column for this Friday.

Now onto the real business of this fine Friday. I received the following email from "Wayne" (not his real name) in my blog email box:

Hey,where are you ? i called your home but you did not answer.I have very good news.Do you remember we talked about a cheap and secure pharmacy shop ?
Yeah finally i could find one.I ordered 3 medicines and i got them in 2 days :) I will go on and order more.These guys really know this busines.Check them out.See you soon.Let me know

I've taken the liberty of not posting the website he offers as the "cheap and secure pharmacy shop," because the subject line of his email was "friend," and I figured he didn't want everyone in the world to know about this great inside information on this online drug store.

I need to check it out soon, though, because I'm obviously off my meds: I don't remember having a conversation with Wayne about a cheap and secure pharmacy shop, nor do I even recall having a friend named Wayne, although I know someone called Dwayne. And this guy must be a good friend, because he has my home number...although I guess when he called he didn't leave a message.

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Foilwoman said...

At least it wasn't the Death Squard. See this: dhttp://ohdannyboy.blogspot.com/2008/04/eeeeekkkkkk.html
Even bad spam is better in Oz.