30 May 2008

A major victory against rats.

This morning, a crew of three workers struck a resounding blow against the local rat population. Using picks, shovels, and god knows what else, they pulled apart a crumbling cinderblock planter that served as a divider in the parking area between our house and the neighbors.

This little three by six area was riddled with rat holes and less than affectionately known as the rat hotel. It is now gone. In the process, the three men killed sixty rats.


More importantly, since the mutant rodent armies of the night are endlessly replaceable, the planter is gone, and the hotel is no more. In it's place is an open, flat surface less amenable to rodent infiltration.

Let us greet the new dawn!


suicide_blond said...

and all this time ive just been using voodoo against rats! where did you find these "heroes"... these rat killers??

cuff said...

The neighbors found them. I know nothing about them except there were three of them and they informed me as I was putting up fencing to keep the rats out of the yard that they intended to kill the rats rather than let them escape...

m.a. said...


Goodbye Ratfinks!

Anonymous said...

60! No video?!