06 May 2009

Right where he belongs.

Poor Michael Savage. The hate-spewing reason-challenged radio host is absolutely incensed that he would be listed with other hate-mongers. I don't get it. Why is hate-mongering Michael Savage so upset with being grouped among his own fellow feeble-thinkers?

To Savage's credit, he's not a murderer (although one might argue that his hate-filled screeds supply fuel to the gay-bashers who enjoy ganging up on lone homosexuals) like some of the other thugs on the UK's list, but then again neither is Fred Phelps, a lonely voice crying in the cesspool of his own tortured mind. Klan leaders and neo-Nazis also make the list, and while a few of them may protest their innocence, arguing they themselves don't have blood on their hands, it's not too far of a stone's throw away.

He's threatening to sue, which I think would be brilliant. I'd love to see his hatred become a centerpiece for mass consideration, a little airing beyond the echo chamber of his radio show, whose audience -- if a scientific analysis were possible -- consists of unrepentant racists and the mentally challenged (not always a mutually exclusive bunch). Then again, poor Michael might lose a good chunk of his audience for protesting that he doesn't belong among their Klan and neo-Nazi heroes on the front lines...

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