11 February 2011


What's a conservative to do? He or she despises the federal government and all those wasteful agencies like the United States Postal Service, but damn the USPS is going to issue a stamp of the greatest President who ever walked this earth, Ronald Reagan.

Shudder. Do you rush out and buy as many of these stamps as you can, knowing that you can use them "forever," regardless of postal rate increases, or do you resist the USPS's shrewd attempt to co-opt conservatives into propping up this socialist organization?

It's a nice portrait. My only complaint is that the background should have more to do with his Presidency, like maybe showing his administration officials shaking hands and exchanging gifts and reconnaissance photos with Saddam Hussein, or American factories closing, or his beloved Contras blowing up hospitals and schools. Or at least a set of faces in the background, in Mount Rushmore style, of Pinochet, Hussein, and P.W. Botha.

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