10 February 2011

Is it a bad sign to fall asleep ten minutes after you start reading?

I have been having trouble lately staying awake -- whether afternoon or night -- when trying to read. In my profession, that's a very bad thing. I'm hoping it's mostly because I have been conditioned over the last few years to view reading as a bedtime activity -- as of late I've been reading The Magic Tree House series to our daughter.

Then I'm digging through Emerson.

Tomorrow, or rather later today, I will teach Emerson to a group of students and I'm not exactly sure where the class will go. That's a fairly enjoyable thing for me. I have more examples and points of emphasis than will fit into 1 hour and 15 minutes, but they're simply markers to connect to the class's direction.

I do know we will talk about foolish consistencies and Emerson's very interesting observation that the discontent of the multitude, while easily manipulated, is more consequential than the discontent of the "cultivated classes," whose opposition he belittles as "feminine rage."

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