19 April 2005

It must be education week...

So I just get done writing about how DCPS central administration, like a nasty parasite, is gorging itself while starving the students, teachers, and infrastructure. Despite all that, those of us with kids in DCPS know that there are good schools, good teachers, and good students in the system. Now Jason Kamras, a math instructor at Sousa Middle School, has received the top teaching honor in the nation. Kamras hopes to use his one year reign "to galvanize support for all resources and policies to ensure equity in public education to eliminate the achievement gap," according to the Post. He'll have his work cut out for him, since he's being presented the award by rabidly anti-public education President George W. Bush.

Too often when you're a parent of a young child and you live in DC, other people look at you and ask "Ohh, what are you going to do for school?" -- they do this mainly because all you hear about DC public schools is metal detectors, mercury spills, murders, assaults, leaking roofs, non-functioning bathrooms, low test scores, and lost millions. These are problems that need to be resolved, but they are not the only stories to tell about DC public schools, just as Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris aren't the only stories to tell about Denver area public schools. DCPS operates 100 elementary schools, some of which are outstanding and some of which are not.

Outstanding teachers like Mr. Kamras are not in every classroom, but the honor given to Mr. Kamras recognizes that great teachers can be found in DCPS -- and he is not alone.

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