21 April 2005

Mayor Williams X 3 ???

Apparently Anthony Williams is mulling another term. Doesn't this guy know there's only one mayor for life in this town, and until Williams is caught in a hotel smoking crack he'll always be second banana? Things have been good for some folk in DC under the Williams regime, but skyrocketing rents have forced many people out of their old neighborhoods, DC General closed, and the District's schools are a mess (and say what you will about the school board, the mayor is the visible face of the city and rightly or wrongly gets tarred with that brush).

The main problem is that there aren't any contenders, and the real estate developers are more or less happy with Tony. In the absence of any real political drama then, I'm more interested in that bow-tie look of his. I have a theory that anyone who wears a bow-tie habitually (and does anyone wear one casually?) has deep-seated sexual issues. For Williams, it may be food-sex fetishes. I'm fairly certain that George Will's fetish involves trapezes and spanking. Tucker Carlson probably goes in for multiple partners.

I've lived here under the Sharon Pratt Kelly regime, the Second Coming of the Barry regime, and the Williams regime. Of those three, Williams is definitely the best, but still you get the sense that DC mayors are more like dented can bargains than gourmet selections.

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