04 April 2005

Ten Items In Search of a Reason

  1. Law and Order Criminal Intent is a bit like Columbo, but not nearly as good.
  2. Are there any TV shows on anymore that don't involve detectives/forensic experts or medical students?
  3. Is Charles Krauthammer an agent of the antichrist, or the thing itself?
  4. Green and Pink are over.
  5. After recent rainfall, I found a drowned rat in one of my DC issued trashcans. It was one of the first times the city contributed to my anti-rat strategy.
  6. Right wing blogs and message boards tend to degenerate into expressions of physical violence. Hatred and rage at anyone who questions US administration policy. Unless of course it's the Clinton administration's policy. This anger is often accompanied by desires to "bomb" or "nuke" or at least beat the shit out of imagined or real offenders, be they France, Democrats, or any form of non-right wing approved protest (e.g. animal rights, pro-choice, head start).
  7. If UNC beats Illinois I will win money. If Illinois wins at least I can say a Big 10 team won it all.
  8. In a fight between Anthony Williams and George Will, my money's on whichever one hasn't clipped his nails recently.
  9. I'd pay to see that fight, but I wouldn't pay much.
  10. I have a new daughter. She's beautiful.

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