13 February 2007

Some blogs I have known...(aka stealing other people's ideas post)

That was some snowstorm. I'm surprised teh internets are still working, what with the strain all that snow and ice must be putting on the infrastructure. But I'm not going to write about yet another ridiculous winter scare forecast; having lived in the District for 13.5 years, I'm used to the ridiculous amount of time local newscasts devote to the weather and the endless hype that surrounds any possibility of precipitation.

No, today I am going to write about the brilliance of this. Just a little bit maybe. Momentary Academic has taken a 1980's tearjerker hit, the titletrack to a popular movie, and redone it as a spare guitar/vocal arrangement. There's a hell of a lot more vulnerability in this version than in the Phil Collins original (which has its own merits, but Phil does menace far better than he does vulnerable, in my opinion). Speaking of Phil, it's hands down true that his 80's solo stuff is far better than his 80's Genesis stuff. In fact, the only Genesis I like at all is the Peter Gabriel era stuff, when they were so hopelessly art rock that you had to either be stoned to the bejesus or a poet/instrumental snob to enjoy them.

Which by the way leads me to this. Mr. Lonnie Bruner of Adams Morgan writes that music is no longer central to his life. Looking at my own life, I have to agree. I remember a time when music was pretty much the only thing that mattered in a real way to me (sure I wanted to do well in school, stay out of trouble, fall in love, but that's all on the side), and I'm guessing that time spanned somewhere from high school to a few years following college (although to be fair, after two years of college music had to share the limelight with a few other "deeply felt interests."). To me, there are still crucial bands, but they are crucial more to me on a personal level than they are as saviors of society. There is, after all, the only band that matters.

That's all for now.


Grad School Reject said...

Well put. M.A. clocked that song out of the park.

Momentary Academic said...

Awww. Cuff. Thank you. I think that Phil Collins post genesis was a man before his time, really.

I remember when music was more central to my life as well. I keep pulling it back out; it will be fun to watch your children develop a love for music. That will be a fun day when you can all talk about The Clash.

Because in your awesomely cool household, I know that you will.

Reya Mellicker said...

I LOVE the Clash, too! Well who wouldn't? Same goes for M.A. and her incredible talents.

Music is central to my life, but I think that's a baby boomer thing, maybe? We grew up with anthems that stuck hard to the culture. I'm not always out there buying new music, and I don't see a lot of live music anymore mostly because it's too loud and in most venues the headline band doesn't start until after my bedtime. Maybe that's what you mean by music being central.

cuff said...

Reya, maybe that's why I continually find myself drawn back to Bob Dylan.

MA, I'm serious. I wonder what Phil is up to these days anyway. A small rumor has started that Genesis may be reuniting, and that Peter Gabriel is actually interested in talking about it.

GSR, too true, too true.

Lonnie Bruner said...

Momentary Academic has a good voice! Damn.