21 February 2007

Another thing that pisses me off.

I work in an building with one of those automatic door openers that's clearly marked with a handicapped signal, because it's intended for use by people who have motor function issues that would make it difficult for them to open the door manually.

It is not intended for lazy fucks who probably would park in handicapped spaces if they weren't afraid of the fines.

And for heaven's sake, when someone in front of you has already opened the door and is holding it open, don't be such an asshole that you pound on the automatic open button, you lazy privileged fuck.

Thanks. I'm done.


Momentary Academic said...

Indeed! (I have nothing else to say, I just want you to know that I read this.)

Reya Mellicker said...

It's mindless behavior by people with fractured attention spans who are sleep deprived, stressed out and have been "over instructed" in every area of life. Here at the end of the American empire, our culture makes us weaker. When the grid goes down, people without disabilities who think it's fine to park in the handicap spaces or don't have the wherewithal to even open up a door are going to be in big trouble. I almost pity them.