06 March 2008

Like looking for a particular piece of hay in a haystack.

Reminiscent of the old anti-war activities of the Vietnam era, the military recruiting station prominently placed in New York City's Times Square was bombed early this morning (3:45 a.m.). Much like the Weather Underground bombings of the 1970's, the intent seems to be damaging infrastructure/sending message without causing casualties. Of course, back in those days, the WU sent communiques and ran a newsletter...

Anyway, the bombing itself isn't really what I'm interested in. Apparently in this blast and in two others in the past three years in NYC, a bicyclist was seen nearby. The response by the brilliant anti-terrorist minds has been to stop and question bicyclists. Not a bicyclist on a red bike, or a mountain bike, or anything like that. In New York City, that's kind of like stopping all cabs because a cab was spotted in the area.

Or stopping all Black men because a Black man was a suspect. Oh, wait. You mean that happens?


m.a. said...

Well, this will probably be an unsolved mystery at the rate this is going, eh?

Lonnie Bruner said...

I bet you it was a Troofer. That "movement" is developing into a hardcore ideology sort of like the Weather Underground et al.