01 October 2008

I die a little death each time a bookstore closes.

Olsson's has finally succumbed to the Big Box and teh Internets.

I remember their Georgetown store, long gone now, but what a wonderful quirky joint it was, with shelves stacked high and bare floorboards creaking.

How long do any of these places have? How long to do books have?

After libraries, small bookstores were great repositories of knowledge and new ideas. Book warehouses like Borders and Barnes and Noble may have the selection, but much of the staff would be useless without computers.

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Washington Cube said...

I used to love The Strand in Georgetown. It was everything a bookstore should be. Here are my Olsson's stories. I knew the buyer for Olsson, that's one, and I used to go to the gym with the owner's daughter. Her mom died young, and she got an ankle tattoo to remember her mother.