21 October 2008

Maybe McCain is a Manchurian Candidate, planted by the Dems long ago.

OK. Follow me on this one. I, too, had been discounting the whole Obama-Ayers connection, figuring that while Ayers may have been a sixties radical, a member of SDS and the Weathermen, a non-lethal bomb planter, etc., it had little bearing on this campaign in 2008.

However, if you connect the dots, I think the picture becomes a little clearer.

One of the popular slogans of the SDS was "Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh! The ARVN is gonna win!"

John McCain was a prisoner of the North Vietnamese. This fact is well-known.

Here we get into conjecture: Bill Ayers, through his underground weatherman connections, secretly communicated to the N. Vietnamese, possibly through secret coded messages carried by Jane Fonda and Dan Rather, and masterminded the programming of John McCain.

Back in the States, McCain spends a few years selling beer before a "chance" encounter with a beer buyer triggers the programming latent in his head and activates his desire for public office...in the meantime, aboveground members of the Weathermen organization are grooming Barack Obama for a Presidential run...when the time is right.

It all makes sense now....

Well, I'm off to the store to buy up all the tin foil...

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JES said...


I had one of those tinfoil-hat moments last week, when Cheney went into the hospital for a ticker update. I suddenly thought: Omigod. He's not going to survive till Election Day. W will appoint/anoint McCain to fill in -- making McC the incumbent VP on Nov. 4, with plenty of time still to manufacture some bogus international crisis...

But I like your Manchurian Candidate idea much better. About time the left came up with its own conspiracies!