16 October 2008

It's hard to win an argument when you look like a mad dog.

I watched that debate last night, and all I can say is that John McCain seemed like a frothing mad dog when he didn't seem condescending and smarmy. The shots of him while Obama was speaking were exceedingly unflattering. And you know what...Obama sat there looking cool, calm, and collected, while McCain looked like that guy down the street who's telling you all about the UFO he saw outside his trailer window and how the aliens gave him a butt probe.


In the matter of the last two weeks, the race in Pennsylvania has gone from sort-of battleground to a lopsided rout. As of today, he's polling 15 points behind Obama in Pennsylvania. Fifteen points.

Source is pollster.com.

Note to Senator McCain: the crazy routine isn't working. The wingnut base is already there...and you're getting closer and closer to having nothing but the wingnut base the more you look like an enraged, directionless, vindictive fool.

Also, it took almost no time for his surprise attack of "Joe the Plumber" to be unmasked as a plant. Talk about blowing up in your face. In the wake of the Sarah Palin disaster, this new misstep makes McCain look dishonest as well as rash.


JES said...

I was flabbergasted by the coincidence (?!?) of Joe the Plumber's last name and Keating's son-in-law's last name (and thanks for letting me know about it in the first place).

I mean, it's not like they're named Smith, Jones, even BUSH or MCCAIN for chrissake...

As The Missus said, whether in fact they're related is almost beside the point. Just the fact that McCain's staff wouldn't have made the awfully-coincidental-surnames connection themselves speaks volumes about their ineptitude. By all means, let's hand our country over to these people!

cuff said...

McCain's flailing. It's like those ads from the 1980's: "Help. I've fallen and I can't get up."

Poor Joe probably got more than he bargained for, as did McCain. A guy who doesn't pay taxes, has some vague name relationship with the most prominent scandal on McCain's political career, and sounds like an uninformed, slightly dishonest, wingnut doesn't really make for a good spokesperson.