08 August 2005

Beach recap, the list edition

Well I have a few observations about the eastern shore, or as it may sometimes be known, the Delmarva peninsula.
  1. Ocean City is getting denser every season. Small cottages and complexes are being torn down to accomodate sterile motels with units packed so tight it would make any b.log major giddy. What little charm OC retains is evaporating by the instant.
  2. OC real estate is seriously overpriced. Here's an example on 25th Street, not even oceanblock. New construction, 3 BR/2Bath unit in a small complex, maybe ten units total. $750K. I say let's call it $350K and call it a good day. Sure it's comfy behind your double-paned insulated windows, but when you sit on your balcony you still have to see and hear the drunk teenagers in their muffler-less shit trucks with confederate flag decorations rumble by propositioning any female over the age of 11, and a few under the age of 11.
  3. Bethany Beach is easily the most laid back, but paradoxically it has the highest percentage of Bush/Cheney bumper stickers.
  4. Theo's in Dewey Beach claims to be open all the time but I've never seen it open in nearly ten years.
  5. On the subject, Dewey Beach is just sad. Watch the frat pack try to grasp forever the last fleeting moments of their waning youth. No. As Mr. Hendrix says, like castles made of sand, melt, eventually, into the sea. Next stop: combover.
  6. Rehoboth is supposedly both a family resort and a gay mecca. Neither of these descriptors explains the continued presence of a Hooters oceanblock on Rehoboth Avenue.

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