06 August 2005

BeachWeek XXXI: Recap

I'm not exactly done with vacation yet, but I did have to come back to DC for a Saturday afternoon. Going back shortly. Here's a recap:
1. My son, who is five, thought he'd like to go on Funland's haunted house ride. He enjoyed it up until about the time the car went in through the doors and it got dark. Then he wasn't so happy. He seems to have no lasting trauma, though.
2. Bought some flip flops. I never liked wearing these things, but the sun made the sand so damn hot I had to break down. I will strut around Cleveland Park wearing these things, along with a business suit and a backpack.
3. Ate much seafood. Some of it good.
I took the bikes. They haven't moved from their position on the porch since I unloaded them. Well, I still have one more day.


Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

lol #2 and keep a low profile in CP.

cuff said...

I hadn't noticed it before, but now I do. I was out at El Tamarindo tonight and most groups I saw were dominated by flip flop wearers.