23 December 2005

Putting the Ho in Holiday!

It's off to the homeland for the holidays, and I've had reports that there's enough snow for sled-riding up there, so we're packing the snowpants.

Went on my son's school field trip today down to the Botanic Gardens. I always enjoy the BG in the winter because the plants are so lush and green, while outside the grass is a dirty yellowbrown and the trees poke their naked branches at the sky. Besides, during the Festivus Season, the BG sets up model trains in a themed layout. This year's theme is Washington, DC, landmarks and all the building models are made out of plant material.

The detail is amazing, and I'm not sure what the windowpanes are made of. Along the bottom right you can see that acorn caps are being used as caps for the fence posts.

If you look closely you can see Lincoln on his throne, an acorn for his head. I suppose I should have gotten a closer photo, because it kind of looks a bit like "Madonna and Child" from this photo, but trust me, it's Lincoln in there.

I probably won't be posting again until the MLA opens; and maybe not even then.


Momentary Academic said...

Enjoy your holiday, and I hope to see you around the MLA (if I bother to go).

Washington Cube said...

Have a good Christmas. One year the Botanical Garden had these life-sized boy choir figures out. I took a picture of my friend with a handful of splayed out dollar bills and a wicked leer on her face standing next to them. Good times.

cuff said...

MA: You can't miss me. I'll be the one in the dark shirt with the European-style glasses.

Cube: I missed that year -- good hijinks though. Corrupting a choirboy, even if made out of plants or something.

Washington Cube said...

Merry Christmas.