14 May 2007

Let's start Monday with some thinkifying.

Busy weekend, man, busy weekend. Here's a pop quiz for your Monday:

Which public employee will not have a job in the very near future?

A. Tennessee Elementary School Assistant Principal Don Bartch, and perhaps a few of his teachers, who led a simulated gun assault on a group of elementary school children and didn't tell the children it was a drill.

B. DC Deputy Mayor for Education Victor Reinoso, who copied someone else's work word for word and turned it in as his own work (32% of his report was plagiarized).

C. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, who flat-out lied to Congress about his involvement in the US Attorney firings, details of which continue to leak out...

Remember, this quiz is not about who should be fired, but rather who will be fired...


Momentary Academic said...

A. I'm sorry? Poor judgement? Why do you terrify 6th graders like that. But the principal doesn't seem too concerned.

B. He could be fired, I think.

C. Haha. I doubt he'll lose his job. No matter how much he can't remember.

Reya Mellicker said...

How sad, all of it.

I think B will be fired. Gonzales? Maybe. That would be exciting, actually.

mysterygirl! said...

I say nobody will be fired! Because I have no faith in people doing the right thing! Now if there had been oral sex involved, everyone on that list would be axed.