02 November 2007

Another Friday, another day to be wrong, so wrong.

Sorry to disappoint those of you coming to the site expecting Marxist commentary, but today is Friday and during the busy fall Fridays I am generally consumed on Friday with the college football weekend. As many of you know, I received my undergraduate degree from that hotbed of Communist infiltration, Penn State, where our football coach appears to be a Republican but is really a Manchurian Candidate and only awaits the signal from his handlers.

So here we go:

1. Ohio State v. #21 Wisconsin. After the buzzsaw PSU went through in Happy Valley last week, I think Ohio State simply stifles Wisconsin in a most ugly fashion in Columbus.
2. Boston College v. Florida State. Oh how sweet it will be when BC crushes FSU.
3. LSU v. #17 Alabama. Oh the storylines...Sabin v. LSU...Bama wins.
4. Arizona State v. #5 Oregon. Undefeated ASU v one-loss Oregon. The winner of this game wins the PAC-10. Oregon wins it.
5. See #4 above.
6. Oklahoma v. Texas A&M. Ouch, if you're an Aggie fan. Of course, if you are, you probably can't read this post anyway. Oklahoma wins.
7. WVU is idle.
8. Kansas v. Nebraska. In any normal year, Nebraska would see Kansas as a definite win. However, this year it's the Huskers who are trying to save bowl eligibility and Kansas is undefeated. Nebraska is really bad this year, but I still don't trust Kansas. I say the Huskers win this one.
9. Missouri v. Colorado. Hapless Colorado will be no challenge for Missouri.
10. Georgia v. Troy. The Bulldogs get an easy one after several weeks of tough ones.
11. V-Tech already beat G-Tech.
12. Michigan v. Michigan State. Wouldn't it be nice to see Mich State show up? They're too unpredictable for me to pick them...Wolverines win this one.
13. Connecticut v. Rutgers. What is this world coming to when UConn is ranked in football? It's the end of times, I tell you. Rutgers wins.
14. Hawaii is idle.
15. Texas v. Oklahoma State. A few weeks ago I confused Iowa State with Oklahoma State. This week Texas will lose to OK State.
16. Auburn v. Tennessee Tech. Auburn in a slaughter.
17. See #3 above.
18. South Florida v. Cincinnati. Amazingly, only a few weeks ago these teams were #5 and #15, respectively. USF actually made it to #2 before tumbling. USF is at home, so I give them the win.
19. USC v. Oregon State. USC gets back on track v. the PAC-10 punching bag.
20. Florida v. Vanderbilt. V-bilt is no pushover this year, but Florida will still beat them.
21. See #1 above.
22. Boise State v. San Jose State. Boise State wins.
23. Virginia v. #24 Wake Forest. Yawn. ACC football. Is it basketball season yet? Virginia wins.
24. See #23 above.
25. Clemson v. Duke. Umm...Clemson in a rout.

And for the record, I will be at the PSU v. Purdue game this weekend and it is my belief that PSU will wake from their slumber and shut down the Purdue attack. And PSU will win the game. Much hot chocolate will be consumed.


Grad School Reject said...

No contrary picks this week. I like all your selections. Instead, here is my wishful thinking pick - Wisconsin by a TD over Ohio State.

Jessica said...

Virginia is a safe bet these days as long as it's not against a spread...