05 November 2007

Recapping the weekend.

OK the weekend started out on a sour note: due to family illness we were unable to travel to Happy Valley for the PSU v. Purdue game, and I had to give my brother my tickets. On a good note, PSU won.

On the week, I managed a weak 12-6, 13-6 if you count the PSU call. I came damn close on several though, seeing Texas mount an improbable comeback to win v. OK State and watching Alabama screw up the endgame to lose to LSU. It was torture watching FSU win v. BC, although BC QB Matt Ryan looked like a chump -- how can a guy who throws floaters over the middle be in the hunt for the heisman?

A final question for pondering: what would Michigan's record be right now if the refs ever called their offensive line for holding?

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