29 November 2007

Pushing the limits of anyone's understanding of humanity.

I'm against the death penalty, but I'm all for life imprisonment, preferably in windowless concrete cells with no running water or cable television, for people who commit crimes against children. I'm not terribly interested in the details of which of these two actually killed this little girl; they were both involved in covering it up for months after the fact and need to be sent to their own solitary little cells with rats crawling about and a bowl to piss in.


Foilwoman said...

You know, as the mother of a three-year old and an eight year old, I do realize how annoyed and stressed parents can get (and it is easy to see how child abuse occurs) but the failure of empathy and understanding of human development (who the fuck wants a two-year old to call him sir anyway?) just boggles my mind. Kids are a gift. If one isn't equipped to raise them (as these two clearly weren't) hand them over to those who are. I know, if you aren't equipped to raise them, you also aren't equipped to realize that. Ew. I'll go hug my not-so-chubby-anymore-three-year-old right now and be amused at her mildly disobedient antics.

cuff said...

My kids are both about half a year behind yours...I have definitely become more sensitive to issues relating to children since having one or two myself.