17 June 2008

Ebb and flow.

I have a conundrum. Or a challenge. Here it goes:

The water pressure in our house is incredibly low. I'm not talking temporary as in fixing a water main break low; I'm talking ongoing for several years now low. In the shower we have a hose that reaches the ground. If you put it on the ground upside down, the water trickles out...maybe shoots in the air about two inches. Our kitchen sink produces no force from the faucet, as if the water is simply falling out.

Yet the flow from the front and back hoses, as well as the utility sink in the basement, is strong.

I've been looking for valves along the water lines that would differentiate between those different outlets, but I can't find any that aren't open wide.

From what I know about water pressure in general, the larger your pipe the more water you need to maintain pressure...or to put it a bit more scientifically, water pressure relates to the speed at which water must move to get through an opening. There's a severe volume problem with both the kitchen sink and shower. Hmm.

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