26 June 2008


What does the end of the DC gun ban mean to you and me? I don't mean philosophically...I mean practically, as in the end result as felt in our daily lives.

Probably not a whole hell of a lot. I am guessing that most federal subjects of this enclave known as the District of Columbia will continue to go about their business as they had before, with neither greater nor lesser safety.

Sure guns will be easier to get, since you won't have to go out of the District anymore, but it's not like people who really wanted 'em couldn't get 'em.

The only appreciable change will probably be in the amount of accidental shootings that occur due to a rise in gun ownership in the District. Mainly kids. Perhaps there will be a few more murder-suicides arising from domestic disputes because a gun makes it a little bit easier to go too far too fast.

From a law enforcement angle, it takes away one of the handiest ways to tack on charges or at least get some charges on a criminal or alleged criminal in the District: unlicensed firearm and unregistered ammunition (yeah, the ammunition is a separate charge).

But in the main, it won't affect our daily lives at all.

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m.a. said...

you are absolutely correct.