06 June 2008

See the Phillips Collection Free on Saturday and Sunday.

The Phillips Collection -- one of those museums in DC you generally have to pay to see -- is opening its doors this weekend for a "Jacob Lawrence Family Free Festival" that will include great activities including a children's shadow puppetry re-enactment of Lawrence's Migration Series.

You can see the entire Migration Series -- which is normally split evenly between the Phillips and MOMA assembled in one place until October 26th...then they'll most likely be split up again or maybe they'll go somewhere else...MOMA doesn't list a Lawrence exhibit in its upcoming shows, so I don't know...

Here's what the Phillips Collection says about the Family Free Festival:
Jacob Lawrence Family Free Festival The museum will be filled with activities and entertainment during a weekend-long celebration of Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series, including shadow-puppetry, interactive dance performances by The DanceFusion Jazz Project, a Lawrence-inspired play written and acted byMississippi students, 1940s jazz performed by The Potomac Jazz Project, collage making, gallery tours, and films.

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