06 November 2008

So long, it's been good to know ya.

You know, in the rush of the national elections I forgot to thank the DC Republican Party for ensuring that Republicans would be completely unrepresented on the DC Council. In their urge for ideological purity (actually idiot-illogical purity), they kicked long-time Councilmember Carol Schwartz off her own party's ticket because -- for all her faults -- she seemed to understand that working people deserve benefits like health care.

Schwartz was the only Republican to be able to mount a credible challenge to the winner of the Democratic mayoral primary, which after all is when DC's mayor actually gets chosen. Of course, it was because she wasn't a knee-jerk reactionary that her party know-it-alls soured on her and elevated Patrick Mara in her place...except he couldn't get enough votes to make council. And running as a write-in, neither did Schwartz.

Talk about self-immolation.


Reya Mellicker said...

I do think you'd make a great cabinet member for the Obama administration. What's taking him so long to call you?

cuff said...

Actually, he did call me...well, at least a member of his security staff called me. Told me to stop calling and emailing.