11 November 2008

What would a socialist Presidency look like?

With all the fearmongering that John McCain and company did over the last legs of the campaign about Obama ushering in a socialist, communist, or Marxist government (really, the fact that McCain's core followers can't distinguish these forms of government/economic practices from each other should speak volumes to how little they should be trusted near complex machinery, computers, or children), I got to wondering how it might look if we actually elected a socialist -- not even a communist -- President.

First of all, the President might try to nationalize the banks, maybe by buying up large ownership stakes in the firms.

The President may also try to nationalize the natural resources and distribute profits from the appropriation and exploitation of those natural resources to the people; if so, he could look to Alaska for a model of how to do it.

In league with his fellow travelers in Congress, he may rig the system so that -- on a state level -- we follow the Marxist creed of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need," and use the tax system and federal budget allocations to redistribute wealth from productive, successful states to less advanced areas of the nation.

What a world it might be.

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JES said...

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(2) Dennis Cass wonders about what changes we might see in arts and culture under an Obama Presidency.

Provided with my regards because, y'know, I know you really don't have enough reading to do!