06 November 2008

Waiting by the phone.

The Obama Transition Team has yet to contact me regarding my proposal to create a new "Commissar of Cultural Studies" Cabinet level position, with me as the appointee. I figure they're probably too busy renaming everything "Supreme Soviet" and working with North Korea on where to hold the next meeting of the Communist International.

Ahh, but I jest. I am looking forward to having heads of the NEH and NEA (not the teacher's union -- the Natl Endowment for the Arts) who aren't hostile to the humanities and arts. Maybe a Secretary of the Interior who isn't hostile to, well, the Interior and the environment. A Vice President who understands that the President is in charge. A President who understands that the Vice President isn't in charge.

Maybe we'll have a Secretary of Education who understands that standardized tests are not the key to educational and life success. Unfortunately, I don't know if Obama will expend the political capital needed to shake the stranglehold that the testing industry has on our children. I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing about the nomination of Bill Ayers for Secretary of Education soon...not.

Can you imagine? Education for critical thinking would be the death knell of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and cable news in general.

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