06 March 2007

The old bait and switch

I would write about the Federal Prosecutor Purge, but I'm a little late to the table on that one. When that story initially broke several weeks back, it was pretty clear that the whiff of rat was in the air, but like any good stew, it's taken a little time for the scum to rise to the surface. In this case, we found out that one prosecutor was fired to make way for one of Karl Rove's staffers. Oh, that's just the kind of person I'd entrust with enforcing the law: a toady for an administration that has overseen corruption, dirty tricks, and plain old international war crimes unequaled since Nixon. Lately, the stories have gotten even more sordid, with New Mexico's Congressional delegation (at least two of them) attempting to exert pressure on the now-fired prosecutor for not rushing through an investigation of Democrats in that state.

But I've been rather busy and haven't been posting as regularly as I used to. It's hard to keep up with every outrage perpetrated by this administration, which combines incompetence, negligence, and corruption, yet manages to excel in fundraising and publicity tactics -- tell the big lie and keep telling it...keep telling it.

Instead I'll write about how damn cold it was this morning and how my sunglasses kept fogging up everytime I exhaled, since my coat was zipped up the whole way to protect my face from the nasty wind. It's dangerous enough riding a bike in DC, let alone having to deal with peering around the lenses when they fogged. The alternative, though, is to be blinded by the sun and arrive at work with a headache from squinting. No thanks.


Momentary Academic said...

I'm still reading! Even though I'm cold:)

Quzi said...

Didn't Patrick do a bang up job? 4 out of 5 counts - Guilty!

cuff said...

MA: You're cold? I never said it.

Quzi: I hadn't even heard yet. Yahoo!

Reya Mellicker said...

What I wonder is how many people are reading about these outrages (that are coming hand over fist). Do people in Hayes, Kansas (for instance) care?