15 March 2007

Productivity will simply go out the window.

Today is the Ides of March, but more importantly it's the tipoff of the annual holiday known as the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, or colloquially as "March Madness." Workplaces may as well give employees today and tomorrow off, since nearly everyone -- or at least nearly everyone I want to know -- will be following games online and/or watching them in staff lounges, if of course they haven't made it a point to call in sick. See, I'm so distracted with these bread and circuses that I am not even commenting on the latest political "dead man walking," soon to be former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Locally, we have a few teams in the hunt: Georgetown, George Washington, and Maryland (sorry Virginians, but teams over an hour away aren't local). I'm looking at G-town and Maryland making the best runs, but GW surprising everyone with two victories before falling to crosstown rivals Georgetown. Maryland I think will take down Florida. Maybe I'm crazy.

I am so excited I am having to piss every half hour.

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