20 March 2007

Sidenote on memory.

I've been digging around for a box of old photos for a couple of days now and the frustrating thing is that not four months ago I had the box at my feet and was looking through them. A friend of mine is looking for photos of our band, which means high school era pictures. I spent a good hour last night rummaging through shelves and shoe boxes trying to find the envelopes I recognize, but all I can come up with is 90's era stuff.

It's a crazy thing to lose your past.


Momentary Academic said...

I hope that you find the pictures.

Reya Mellicker said...

... your band? Details, please! What kind of music, what instrument did you play - or did you sing - or both??

Please find the pictures and maybe even post one? Puh-lease??

cuff said...


MA: I hope I find the pictures, too. There's quite a bit in there: bad clothes, bad haircuts, bad personal relationships -- but good to look back on.

Reya: Nothing exciting on that front and I most certainly did not sing. I played bass. And while we recorded some originals, we only ever performed covers.