11 March 2007

Time and distance are out of place here.

It's an hour later than my body thinks it is. At least my computer knows the real time. Daylight Savings Time reminds us all that time is a relative matter, or at least our methods of keeping it regular are. Congress could just as easily passed regulation that instead of one hour forward we went two hours forward. Or even better, to appease business, we could still require the 8 hour workday but decide there were only 12 hours in a day. Everything would have to be recalibrated! Old watches would be obsolete. That would generate all sorts of work for people, replacing timepieces in public places, engineering new watch faces that reflected the changed time standards, and of course the computer programmers who would have to tell every little and large thing that had any sort of computer chip to tell time in it that we were now on a new schedule.

Happy DST all!


Reya Mellicker said...

It's so bizarre to remember that way back when, in the middle ages, it was a privilege to have access to a calendar. Watches, clocks, timepieces of all kinds are such recent inventions. How funny to remember that we're now held accountable by these devices that didn't even exist a few hundred years ago. It does seem so arbitrary.

Happy spring, and the accompanying change in official time!

Momentary Academic said...

Happy DST to you too.