13 August 2007

Auf Wiedersehen, Karl Rove

So Karl has decided to call it quits. Like a rat streaming off a sinking ship, Rove is working hard to distance himself from the final months of a forlorn presidency. Will his success as an evil genius of campaigning overcome his ignominy as the "architect" of failed policies and dirty tricks? My guess is yes, and his services will be in high demand and handsomely rewarded, because he knows his Machiavelli very well. It's probably safer for him anyway to sit on the sidelines while his former boss, wandering ever more frequently in the realm of the unreal world, implodes.

Already, I see Karl spinning strategies to deal with the Democratic nominee for President, whomever that may end up being. Attack ads with vague allusions to "America's mongrel future" should Obama be nominated; attack ads with vague allusions to "Hillary's homosexual agenda" should she be nominated. Etc.

Let's see if the Rove exit sparks a mass exodus of rats trying to save their careers...


Reya Mellicker said...

Here's how I heard the news. Entering the Raleigh-Durham airport after an ethereal weekend in Asheville, I passed a TV tuned in to CNN. One talking head was saying to another talking head, "But what will the president do without his brain?" He really said it just like that!! I thought, "huh?" then saw the crawl: "Breaking News: Rove will leave office August 31."

It was perfection. Goodbye and good riddance, evil master! Ewww!!

Momentary Academic said...

Goodbye and all that. What a day.