31 August 2007

Labor Day Weekend and the big season.

My friends, I am off for a most enjoyable weekend that will commence with the Penn State v. Florida International game Saturday at noon in Happy Valley. While it is somewhat embarrassing to write that match-up, I ask your forgiveness and understanding in that I was unable to secure tickets to next week's Nittany Lion dismantling of Notre Dame that will hopefully include the resignation announcement from Charlie Weis for being "too much of an asshole to coach football," which by the way means being quite an asshole.

I have made at least one football game at Penn State since 1985 (don't let the math fool you : I started going in high school), and I'm hoping that this year I'll see more than this early season matchup.

Here by the way are my predictions for tomorrow's top 25:

1. USC makes Idaho consider giving up their program. Textbook destruction.
2. LSU played early and won.
3. West Virginia beats Western Michigan. By a lot.
4. Texas mauls Arkansas State.
5. Michigan destroyifies Appalachian State.
6. Florida mops up Western Kentucky.
7. Wisconsin beats Washington State, but looks shaky.
8. Oklahoma schedules a Texas team they can beat: North Texas.
9. Over-ranked Virginia Tech beats East Carolina.
10. Louisville played early and won.
11. Ohio State (how can they be ranked below VTech?) beats gritty Youngstown State.
12. Cal steals this one from Tennessee. Probably the only good matchup the entire day.
13. Georgia comes from behind to beat Oklahoma State.
14. UCLA loses to Stanford.
15. Tennessee sneaks defeat from the jaws of victory. Cal in the last minute.
16. Rutgers played early and won.
17. Penn State beats FIU, but doesn't cover the spread.*
18. Auburn over K-State.
19. Florida State loses to Clemson. More calls for Bobby "Dirty Hits" Bowden to lose his head.
20. Nebraska over Nevada from the beginning.
21. Arkansas wallops Troy.
22. TCU crushalistic over Baylor.
23. Hawaii beats Northern Colorado.
24. Boise State played early and won.
25. Texas A & M way over Montana State.

*College betting tip: if PSU is favored, pick against them because they won't cover the spread. If they're underdogs, pick them.


Grad School Reject said...

I think Wash State beats the over-hyped Badgers.

I think FIU will start an onfield "helmet swinging" brawl with PSU.

And I think MG! may come by and threaten you with violence.

cuff said...

You may be right on all three counts, but one thing I'm fairly certain of is that no former PSU players in broadcasts booths will cheer on a fight...

mysterygirl! said...

Here I come (without threats, though)... :)

I wasn't thrilled about the circumstances under which he was hired, but I can't really think of what kind of problem you could have with Weis besides the fact that he's the coach at a school you hate. I suppose if you don't like the Parcells / Belichick persona, you won't like Weis's football persona. Still, I enjoy the fact that he doesn't answer stupid questions and don't think he's even on the list of the biggest assholes in football. You should go read about Hannah and Friends, the non-profit foundation / house for people with special needs that he's started. He's doing pretty important work.

Then again, maybe I'm making a poor rhetorical move by introducing logic into an argument rooted in emotion. :)