27 August 2007

Gonzales again...

I'm sitting here listening to NPR with David Brooks is trying to finesse his way around Bush and Gonzales' problems with the US Constitution, and he's basically blaming Gonzales's fall on not being "properly connected."

Uh huh. And being an arrogant ruthless buffoon had nothing to do with it...

Then Brooks goes on to talk about how Bush judges people "by character" and if someone has good character, he sticks by them and doesn't pay any attention to their "decisions or judgement" if they have good character.


Wouldn't you say that endorsing torture is more than just a judgement and maybe just maybe goes toward understanding someone's character? Like maybe people who think torture is justified might have a little problem with the concept of human rights?

Of course, I suppose you have to back to the proposition that George Bush, being more or less a moron himself, is hardly the sort of person whose opinion should be taken as trustworthy on any subject, including character.

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Reya Mellicker said...

I thought about you the second I heard the news. Oh how the once mighty are falling, as they always must.

What's going to happen next? Or maybe I should ask, who is next??