05 August 2007

Open casting call for extras in an anti-meth public service spot.

We spent tonight down on ye olde Ocean City pier, or at least the pier end of the boardwalk. Now even as a kid I never really liked the area around the pier, but as an adult I can say I thoroughly despise it. The rides and games are tremendously overpriced ($5 to throw 3 darts at balloons), and then there are the people who hang out down there...

Seriously, tatoos on the neck, half-turned baseball caps, and thin thin facial hair should more or less be enough to land you a bit part in some crime show as "meth addict #2," except there would be so many of your fellow derelicts competing for the role.

And then you have the twelve year old girls wearing more paint than a Van Gogh and looking like they're trying to land the Jodie Foster role in a remake of Taxi Driver. I can only hope that when my daughter reaches that age, we'll have instilled in her a healthy self-respect and ability to sneer at the crowd. Or at least the ability to sneer.

More stories as I get them.


Momentary Academic said...

Oh dear. I had forgotten all about that pier. I haven't been there in 13 years. It don't remember it being like that exactly, but the again, it was a long time ago.

Reya Mellicker said...

If she's your daughter, she'll have a great talent for sneering.

The scene you describe sounds like a scene from the X Files. That show always portrayed the seediest sides of Americana.

Ocean City piers? Never been there and ... I think I'll keep it that way!