12 October 2007

Another Friday...

This weekend I will be a few hours north and west of here, celebrating the rite of homecoming in Happy Valley, where I expect there to be good food, somewhat cold beer, and a good football game featuring the Penn State Nittany Lions against the Wisconsin Badgers.

Badgers are relatively nasty creatures, but from my experiences, their fans are not, so it should be a pleasant day, especially if PSU wins.

Here are the top 25 picks:

1. LSU v. #17 Kentucky. LSU simply mauls Kentucky.
2. Cal v. Oregon State. Cal thoroughly dominates Oregon State in Berkeley.
3. Ohio State v. Kent State. Ohio State continues its tour of small Ohio schools. OSU wins.
4. Boston College v. Notre Dame. BC will run rampant on Notre Dame. It will be ugly.
5. South Florida v. UCF. South Florida will not lose to UCF.
6. Oklahoma v. #11 Missouri. I think it'll be a good game, but Oklahoma wins.
7. South Carolina v. North Carolina. No contest, the Gamecocks kick the tar out of the Tarheels.
8. WVU is idle.
9. Oregon v. Washington State. The Ducks will avenge themselves for the Cal loss by pummeling happless WSU.
10. USC v. Arizona. USC will come back focused following the Stanford loss and crush Arizona.
11. Missouri v. Oklahoma. See #6 above...
12. V-Tech v. Duke. Virginia Tech cruises versus the ACC's favorite cupcake.
13. Florida is idle.
14. Arizona State v. Washington. Close game, but ASU wins.
15. Cincinnati v. Louisville. Now it's time to see if the Bearcats are for real. They aren't. Louisville wins.
16. Hawaii v. San Jose State. Hawaii wins on the road.
17. Kentucky v. #1 LSU. See #1 above....
18. Illinois v. Iowa. The Zooker remains undefeated in the Big 10 this year.
19. Wisconsin v. Penn State. I really want PSU to win this game. However, I call Wisky by 10.
20. Kansas v. Baylor. What the hell is Kansas doing being ranked? They will beat Baylor with ease.
21. Florida State already lost to Wake Forest.
22. Auburn v. Arkansas. Auburn finds ways to lose games it should win, but it will win this one.
23. Texas v. Iowa State. Iowa State upsets the shaky Longhorns.
24. Georgia v. Vanderbilt. Georgia wins in a tighter than expected game.
25. Tennessee v. Mississippi State. UT will win.

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Grad School Reject said...

Contrary Picks for the week:

PSU upsets Wisconsin (and I wouldn't be shocked if it was by a large margin - 10 or more)

Washington upsets ASU

Illinois gets downed by Iowa after receiving so much national attention.